F**king love it when they do this.


[throws a chair] i just want that character to be happy



What men don’t understand is that women are FIERCELY PROTECTIVE of underage girls because we remember when we were young and some adult man made us uncomfortable or manipulated us or was inappropriate with us and we were powerless.



Funny Stuff you like?


I miss the days when they spend the evenings in bars. Dean playing darts or pool. Sam doing his research in the corner. Dean bringing him beer and trying to convince him to have fun. Dean hitting on girls and Sam being annoyed but also amused at the same time. Dean also making fun of him for wanting to leave early. I also really liked the atmosphere/mood of the early seasons. 

Title: I Miss You
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I have recently reached a personal follower milestone so I thought as a thank you I’d share some things I’ve picked up over the years. So here you go:

a post full of helpful tricks & tips & tutorials & resources; pretty much anything that you need to become a boss at Photoshop!

Content of this post:

1) Getting started with Photoshop: General information
2) Let’s get down to business: Tutorials
3) Get your shit together: List of Resources
4) Don’t forget

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Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day