Dallascon 2014 │ A Special Appearance by Genevieve “I Have Lettuce In My Teeth” Padalecki

90% of horse movies

girl: *finds horse who is impaired in some way*
girl: dad can I keep it
dad: no there's no hope for it let's go
girl: dad u idiot u don't get me
girl: *visits horse in middle of the night*
*cuts to girl riding the horse in an open field bc she is free and her dad can't control her*
dad: how dare u
girl: just let me prove to u this horse is special
girl: *enters race*
girl: *wins*
dad: u make me so proud
horse: *whinnies*

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Jared bringing baloons to your dash


j2 got rob a “stroke kit” (stroke it) with false teeth, vaseline, socks, and kleenex!

mark sheppard got rob a louden swain cd signed by mark to “richard benedict”

misha gave rob some socks and one vegetable bullion cube

matt cohen got rob a photo of matt naked, straddling a chair, signed “big daddy winchester”

He was panicking so much that Danneel actually turned to me and said “He’s going to get us kicked out.”

He(Jared) and I are fortunate to take this journey together. Becoming husbands and fathers. — Jensen Ackles x

So, after Jared and Jensen’s panel today, me and Hillary were desperate for a wall outlet so we could charge our phones. We end up wandering down the hall past the vendors booth by these abandoned restrooms that hardly anyone was using. We sat down with like 3 other girls and just start chit-chatting as our phones get a charge before the Misha, Jim and Mark panel.

After, I shit you not, about 5 minutes of just sitting, Jensen came through the double doors and walked into the restroom. We all just kind of sat there staring like, ‘did that just happen’? Surely enough after a couple of minutes Jensen came out and then walked back through the double doors. 

Then, after that, about 20 minutes pass, and here comes Jim walking through the doors, just as cute as can be with his shirt all tucked in and ball cap on. Again, we didn’t squeal or freak out. He just waved sweetly and made his way in the bathroom. When he came out her exchanged a very sweet ‘hello,’ and went on his way back down the hall and through the doors.

Now, this next part was actually probably my favorite part of the day. While we were sitting with the 3 or 4 other fans just charging our phones, Genevieve came through the same double doors to use the restroom. She went in quietly and unnoticed mostly, but I of course like felt my heart blip when I saw her. Anyways, when she came out, me and Hillary greeted her with a wave and a smile. 
Genevieve is so pretty you guys, like seriously, I was in awe just sitting there looking at her. 
She grinned and her face got a little red, as if she was surprised to be noticed by fans. She was very chill and casual, asking us where we were from, and if we were having a good day. I smiled at her and told her that her boots were super cute (because they were hella cute) and she was of course insanely sweet, responding with “Oh thank you so much! Yours are super cute too,” and I like freaked out internally because she just complimented me. Naturally I told her how gorgeous she is and how much I adore her and Gen just looked at me and Hillary and said, “Oh wow, thanks! Ya’ll are gorgeous too!” To which we were all like omg wow she’s so wonderful and then she waved goodbye, wishing us a happy week. 

It was crazy! I’m tellin ya’ll, sit next to the abandoned restrooms and you won’t be sorry. 


          Appreciation of Winchester genes